Romana Serakova

“Life is about ups and downs, about success and defeat, and it’s too short to let it flow when it runs away from us completely. The main thing is to be considerate of each other, not to hurt each other, show your loved ones how much you love them, and live life in every moment. Develop, educate, discover, work on yourself. To have even small pleasures, and above all to dream and fulfill your dreams.”

About Romana

Romana was born and raised in Prague. Writing and expressing herself in words is an essential part of her life. She can play with words and can invent a story and content for anything. She started writing at the age of six and has been fascinated by stories of all kinds her whole life. She likes to read, dream of distant places, and invent her own work. Her dream has always been to become a writer. She likes sci-fi, fantasy, thrilling and detective stories, and legends of all kinds. She has an excellent overview and takes writing as a game with words. She believes that its various forms can influence people’s thinking, feelings, emotions, and lives.

Romi attended primary school with extended language teaching, where she studied English and German. She has always been fascinated by the English language and has spent part of her life in Chicago, the USA, and Dublin, Ireland, where she worked and deepened her knowledge. She also used her passion for writing in her jobs, where she had the opportunity to use it mainly in marketing and business. She has experience translating texts of various kinds, including computer games, e-learning, and professional texts, writing articles, descriptions for websites, leaflets, stories, books, and many more.